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Security Training & Conferences

MAINGUARD’s passion in the security field led to the formation of SEATRO, an advocate and a pioneer for security education and professional upgrading of the industry in Asia.

SEATRO was established in 1983 to materialize the aims of educating and developing the security personnel and professionals through exhibitions, conferences and training seminars.

Security Courses

In the 1980 and 1990s, a few thousand security personnel in Asia and the Middle East would have been trained at SEATRO which has earned the reputation of being a leading security training school.

The range of security courses pioneered and organised by SEATRO extend from basic to executive management levels. They include:

  • Enhanced Basic Security Officers Course
  • Security Supervisors Course
  • Retail Security
  • CCTV Training Course
  • Corporate Security Course
  • Security Management Course
  • Security Investigation Techniques Workshop
  • Certified Protection Professional Review Programme
  • Fraud Risk Assesment Course
  • Risk Analysis and Security Audit Course
  • Certified Security Agencies Course
  • Certified Private Invesgations Course

These courses have been conducted in Singapore, other South East Asian countries and the Middle East.

The course directors of these training workshops are carefully selected and they are qualified experts from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

SEATRO’S courses are certified by international and local professional associations, and universities. For instance, in catering to the needs of the local industry in Singapore, SEATRO works closely with Security Association of Singapore, the Workforce Development Agency which governs skills standards in Singapore, and the Skills Development Fund when developing its courses.

Information on these security courses include:


The 5 day Enhanced Basic Security Course is targeted to security guards and aimed at equipping them with the skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively. The course contents will discuss :

  • their duties and responsibilities
  • their legal authority and relations with law enforcement
  • their professional approach to the public
  • report writing and note-taking to gather evidence

This course was held weekly at SEATRO Training Centre as a means to professionalise and upgrade the image of the security industry. While the government has not made it mandatory for security guards in Singapore to be formally trained, it is encouraged. For security agencies who wish to be recognised as a certified security agency by the Singapore Police Force and tender for government projects, one of the pre-requisites for this certification status is that 30% of the company guard’s must be trained.


The three-day Security Supervisor Course will be conducted monthly. It targets senior security guards, security supervisors and operations executives who are on the ground and who directly in charge of the security of premises / facility that they and their men are being deployed.

This course will equip participants with basic technical knowledge on close circuit cameras, access control and skills in First Aid. It will help them be more prepared to react in case of any emergencies, false alarms and other incidents.


The two-day Corporate Security and Risk Management Course caters to all executives responsible for the management of assets and personnel. The course will provide participants with an overview on :

  • practices of security and risks management
  • concepts of security and threat analysis
  • mechanism of conducting security audits survey
  • writing a security report
  • preparation and implementation of the security programme
  • tendering, installation and acceptance process


The Certified Security Agencies Course is a four day programme targeted to managing directors of security agencies who wish to obtain certification for their companies, as this is one of the other pre-requisite.

The first two days of the course will encompass the same programme as the Corporate Security and Risk Management. The last two days will focus on the legalities and regulations affecting the security industry. These areas include the :

  • Workman Compensation
  • CPF Act
  • Licensing Act
  • Skill Development Fund


The Skills and Techniques in Investigation Workshop caters to executives and personnel involved in surveillance work and conducting investigations. This two-day workshop aims to :

  • build investigative skills through proven techniques
  • develop skills in information collection and analysis
  • refine presentation skills in presenting facts systematically and methodologically


The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) is an international professional qualification in security management for security professionals and executives which recognises their ability to perform to exemplary standards. It is awarded by the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the largest international security organisation today that is dedicated to the promotion of the security profession.

The purpose of the CPP Review Programme is to :

  • provide revision on the concepts and fundamentals of security management
  • prepare candidates for the CPP Examinations
  • help participants to formulate a home study programme
  • help participants gauge the areas which they need to improve on through a mock examination

Other course topics include:

  • Managing Bomb Threats
  • Facilities Operational Security Management
  • Executive Travel Risk Management
  • Tools and Techniques in Computer Forensics
  • Developing Information Security Framework for Organisations
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Executive Protection and Crowd Management
  • Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Security Conventions

SEATRO has conference and exhibition division – Seatro International (S) Pte Ltd.

The convention industry boom in the early 80s fuelled SEATRO’s growth as it immersed itself into the business of organising international security conferences and exhibitions.

Since 1983, SEATRO’s extensive portfolio of events include security, defence, food, medicine, social service, health and recreation, building & construction and interior design. SEATRO has experience in organising exhibitions, conferences and seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Dubai, China, India and Australia.

SEATRO’s track record includes:

SECUREX – a premier event for the security and investigation industry in the Asia Pacific industry since 1983. SECUREX was held successful in the major cities in the region including Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Perth, Bangalore, Shanghai, Tianjin, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Millipol-Asia 1988 & 1990 – the Asian version of France’s largest and most significant event for security and military practitioners in Europe

INDEPO – the inaugural security and defence show in Dubai.

Other events that SEATRO has organised include:


AIDEX – exhibition for aged care and rehabilitation equipment for the elderly and disabled Held in Singapore from 16 to 18 April 1993, this milestone event was officiated by Mr Deng Pufang (son of China’s former premier Deng Xiaoping) who is Chairman of China’s Disabled Persons’ Federation.

INHAFEX – the first Halal Food exhibition held in Singapore , Malaysia , Jakarta in 1990, 1991 and 1993 respectively.