Mainguard Security Services Pte. Ltd.


Security Services & Consultancy


  • Security Officers – Permanent and Temporary
  • Executive Protection Officers

Security Officers – Permanent & Temporary Team

The Company provides:

  • Trained security officers and security supervisors on 24 hours basis to a range of clientele from various sectors including:
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Government

    The facilities and premises include office complexes, construction sites, military bases, warehouses, factories. shopping centres and residential apartments. These assignments are on yearly renewable contracts.

  • Security officers at temporary assignments such as exhibitions, conferences and public functions, concerts and others. In its portfolio of special projects include:
    • Asian Aerospace, the largest exhibition in Asia which is attended by tens of thousands of visitors with products on display that are worth millions and billions.
    • The wedding celebration of Singapore’s National football celebrity Fandi Ahmad which is attended by a crowd of more than 10 000 people.
    • River Hong Bao – an annual carnival which is attended by thousands members of the public every night for a month, in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Be it a long term or short term assignment, part of providing the physical security service also includes consultation for the client on the security management aspects of the premises or facility to be protected.

Executive Protection

The Company also provides executive protection services to both VIPs and CIPs (Commercially Important People).

The clientele include:

  • prominent local personalities and celebrities
  • the wealthy who are holidaying in Singapore or in the region who do not have their own personal bodyguards with them
  • CIPs who are being threatened and fear for the safety of their family and themselves
  • companies or agencies that recruit foreign workers and they may need escorts when the estranged workers are being transferred or deported back to their countries.

The executive protection officers include professionals and ex-servicemen who are skilled in the various martial art techniques and explosives detection.

Security Technology

Mainguard also source and install security products that enhance the security of premises and facilities.

These security products for clients could be used:

  • To supplement the efforts of security personnel guarding the facilities
  • Reduce the strength of security personnel required by the client
  • Used as a deterrent or a response measure without employing any security personnel

Mainguard can provide:

  • Security technology such as:
    • CCTV systems
    • alarm systems
    • integrated video remote monitoring systems where the client can monitor its premises or
    • facilities from a different location.

Through Mainguard’s network of suppliers from different parts of the world, the company can source for the most appropriate quality products that suit the clients’ needs and budget.