Mainguard Security Services Pte. Ltd.


Risk Management & Investigations

Investigations for the Corporate and Commercial Sector

Mainguard has the experience, expertise and resources to cover the following types of investigations in the Asia-Pacific region:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Business Feasibility Studies
  • Civil Cases
  • Customised Training
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Disease Monitoring
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Due Diligence
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Insurance Claims Verifications
  • Physical Security Risk Management
  • Process Services
  • Scientific Forensic Services
  • Screening Services
  • Social Media Monitoring

Asset Tracing

With a global business world, it is easy for any corporation or individual to move around their assets globally.

As investigators, our role will be to determine and find where these hidden assets could be so that you can proceed with a recovery action.

Business Feasibility Studies

Business feasibility studies involved gathering, compiling, analyzing and interpreting information on a specific product, target market, or subject matter which is crucial to you for the strategic planning purposes.

The process of gathering the information can involve:

  • Market Survey
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Research from primary and secondary sources of information

Civil Cases

Civil investigations involve working on assignments which are personal or family-related in nature such as:

  • Locating missing persons and long-lost relatives
  • Obtaining legal evidence on cases involving estranged family members
  • Obtaining evidence for child custody cases, especially where one parent is a foreigner
  • Verifying nature of personal relationships

Customised Training

As we progress in today’s digital age, a good working knowledge of cyber security is essential to protect the data privacy of our clients and also our case information. This also applies to all clients and corporations in general.

We conduct a range of assessments to gauge the level of knowledge on cyber security issues and solutions for staff, do the vulnerability and threat assessments, and provide customized training which may be in the form of e-learning, and cost-effective solutions to protect information as part of our whole service package.

Customised training at various levels in other areas of security can be done to meet the needs of the organization.

Our training sessions can be conducted online for cost efficiency, and we can run face to face workshop sessions.

Cyber Security Services

In today’s digital age where Internet banking is a norm, having a cyber security plan to enhance your technology framework is essential. A lack of actions on your part can result in massive liabilities.

Together with our partners who are specialists in their field, our Cyber Hygiene programme covers:

  • Vulnerability assessments – Diagnostics of existing network, servers and devices to monitor for latency and faults and provide intelligent alerting to detect issues
  • Random penetration testing to detect vulnerabilities in your computer systems and web-based applications, and ensure that you have the right level of protection against evolving threats
  • Cybersecurity protection solutions and protocols where we provide visibility, visibility and continuous monitoring
  • 24 hours 7 days a week round the clock monitoring through our Security Command Centre that will alert abnormalities and we will provide incident response.
  • Cyber awareness Training – training for staff to understand threats and be aware of social engineering techniques used to fish information. Training is done both online and face to face. Customised training can be done to fit the needs of your organization.
  • Ransomware negotiations if needed

Disease Monitoring

Our disease monitoring programme involves the use of Steramist to disinfect your premises. Unlike sanitization solutions or disinfectants, Steramist is the only decontamination technology that can be used safely with people and foods, and can be used in open spaces. It has a very high kill rate proven again all forms of bacteria and disease carrying microorganisms.

It has been used in cases of exposure to the biochemical agent Anthrax, the pandemic SARS, MERS and Ebola.

It is recommended for use in hospitals, schools, old aged home, childcare centres and anywhere diseases can spread easily due to a contained environment.

Steramist is has technical excellence from World Health Organisation and US standards delivery system.

Having a disease monitoring programme will help in our clients in their:

  • branding and reputation,
  • create public awareness to generate confidence,
  • have an infectious disease management system
  • provides cost saving measures by managing risks of law suits and insurance claims.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Substance abuse does affect work performance and behavior. People are the most important resource in any organization as they uphold your keep information. It is important that there is a check and balance to ensure that your key assets are not compromised. Through our alliances with experienced partners and laboratories, we are able to provide: Drug and Alcohol testing services for pre-employment screening and random employment monitoring to government authorities, airlines and shipping companies.

Other services that we can provide include:

  • Policy Writing
  • Training Programme
  • 24 hour and / or Random Call Out Service and Testing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Care and Rehabilitation Options

Due Diligence

Partners and vendors represent the brand for the financial institutions too. It is essential that we know who we are working with, and who we provide access to our sensitive data.

Background checks on companies and the key principals will help to ascertain reputation as perceived by others, actual financial health, litigation history, range of business interests, actual skill sets, and operational capabilities.

Executive Protection Services

For your key personnel, we provide Executive Protection services in the region to ensure that they are safe.

Fraud Investigations

In the unfortunate incident where fraud has occurred, there will be a requirement to obtain legal evidence for further recourse. We need to study the case, do the necessary verifications and ground work to determine work activities, relationships and asset trace across borders.

Sometimes these fraud cases are employee related such as in embezzlement cases. Sometime is it is done by trusted partners. Depending on your organizational profile, the fraud can be at a corporate level, during a shipment process or even during the production process.

Regardless of your industry, our role is to obtain the legal evidence you need for a recourse, and also for you to work a debt recovery plan through legitimate means. Forensic Accounting services may be necessary to review documents and to trace on where and how the fraud occurred.

Insurance Claims Verifications

Investigations services are often used in insurance claims verifications before a payout of claim is made. We can verify the information through face to face visits and interviews in the cities and villages in Asia. Our role as investigators is to uncover the truth.

Physical Security Risk Management

In addition to providing trained security personnel to your premises to manage possible hostile situations, we also provide

  • Security audits for office and factory premises
  • Security risk assessments in new and volatile locations when you expand to new markets
  • Travel Risk Management advisory and call out service for your staff when they travel to more volatile locations
  • Security Emergency planning which is essential for your business continuity to protection your information, people and key assets

Process Services

Process service involves serving court summons on behalf of overseas courts. It can be a challenging process as people avoid these documents. We can assist in locating and serving these documents in most parts of Asia.

Scientific Forensic Services

In our evidence gathering process, through our alliance with The Forensics Expert Group (TFEG), we are able to provide the following range of services:

Forensic analysis and consultancy for the following areas:

  • Bloodstain Patterns
  • Counterfeit Drugs
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Firearms & Toolmarks
  • Fires & Explosions
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Questioned Documents
  • Scientific Simulation
  • Shoeprints & impressions
  • Toxicology
  • Trace Evidence
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Screening Services

The biggest financial investment for businesses and also the weakest link in most organization is the human resources.

In the financial sector where your reputation is dependent on your integrity, you cannot afford to be compromised if your employees and partners, and vendors are at financial risk. For only a fraction of costs, we encourage all employees to be professional screened. Pre-employment screening covers bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal checks where possible. We can also review business interests, electronic footprints and basic reputation enquiries which is more than just a reference check.

Curriculum vitaes and resumes are mere marketing tools, presented to impress and entice you to provide employment. Our role as an independent third-party provider is to determine if the CV is exaggerated.

Circumstances also change for employees over the years so interim random screening is encouraged, especially at higher level positions where they have more access to available cash.

Our screening services can be conducted globally as the world as become smaller, and employees may have worked in other countries prior to joining you.

Social Media Monitoring

Through our technology partners, we will be able to provide Social Media Sensing and Sentiment Analysis to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Social Media Sensing enables our clients to understand both negative and positive opinion of their performance online. It enables a clear understanding of negative opinions, people or parties behind these opinions and to ascertain if there is a campaign being waged against our clients.

Sentiment Analysis enables our clients to leverage the information gleaned online to alter their communication strategy or to recognize events that may need to be addressed before it becomes a full-blown crisis. It also enables clients to capitalize on the positive buzz within their target audience.

Sentiment Analysis answers to questions like below:

  • How do your customers feel about your brand?
  • What is the opinion about your brand against your competitors?
  • What are the latest trends related to your brand?