Mainguard Security Services Pte. Ltd.


Mainguard Security Services

Mainguard Security Services (S) Pte Ltd is the flagship of the Mainguard Group of Companies.

It was established in 1974 with the objective of providing effective security services to premises, both in the private and public sectors of the industry.

With this aim in mind, the company confined its attention initially to the physical security needs of its clients by providing reliable security officers to its assignments. Very soon, the company acquired the sound reputation as the premier security services provider in Singapore.

Over the years, having gained much experience in the business of security and having achieved its primary objective, the company diversified into related businesses with equal growth potential.

Today, Mainguard continues to provide quality services and develop its core competencies, skills and resources under its umbrella of business units:

  • Provision of Physical Security Services
  • Investigations
  • Security Education and Training
  • Security Technology
  • Risk Management and Security Consultancy

To continue to maintain its competitive edge in a dynamic security industry, Mainguard has also developed global strategic alliances worldwide.

Through Mainguard’s strategic partnerships and interests in countries such as USA (New York), Germany, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and China, the company are able to serve the needs of its global clientele.