Mainguard Security Services Pte. Ltd.



Established since 1974, Mainguard’s commitment to the private security and investigations industry in Asia is reflected in their continual push for professionalism. In the last 20 years, Mainguard has produced 2 Presidents for the Council of International Investigators (a global association with a network spanning over 60 countries in 7 continents).

Core Values for Mainguard 

  • Passion – we are passionate about advocating professionalism in our security and investigations industry
  • Ethics – we know how crucial it to protect your information and image and we value integrity and ethics
  • Agility – we are flexible to cater for your requirements in today’s dynamic business world
  • Customer focus – as our customers, we are focused on you and your needs come first.
  • Excellence – we are determined to be deliver excellent service to you at all time.