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The Great Hack



This tabletop exercise introduces the audience to a live developing scenario in which a school undergoes a multilayered cyber breach. Aspects of the breach unfold within the three hours, taking twists and turns which expose the reality of a persistent and unpredictive attack. It is designed to keep people engaged while always learning the foundation of cybersecurity.

The audience is divided into two groups. One representing the management team of the organization and the other would be the users/parents/client. The two parties will look at the breach from two opposing aspects, one from the business angle and second from concerned parents.

From a business perspective, learnings are:

  • Cyber Risks & vulnerabilities
  • Management's role in cybersecurity
  • Incident response plan 
  • Psychology of hacker 
  • Common tools used by a hacker
  • Framework to reduce cyber risk

From a personal cyber safety perspective, learnings are:

  • Privacy management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Digital footprint
  • Digital empathy
  • Personal Cyber hygiene

The exercise requires audience participation which enforces learning and the benefits of the application of the tools we introduce in business and real life.

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